Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour Palette

Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour Palette, $45.


I wanted to review the new Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour Palette because I think this is extremely appealing to those who enjoy having the convenience of three face products in one compact. If you love to travel, but hate separately packing a blush, bronzer and highlight, this product could be for you! This palette is also ideal for girls who want an easy way to grab one item and complete a majority of their face makeup without the worry of choosing blush/bronzer/highlight shades that all match. The overall size of the product is huge, which is nice because you can fit your normal sized brushes into each individual section, without mixing colors. Laura Geller’s baked products are known for their airbrushed appearance on the skin and their ability to last throughout the day! I will preface this review by saying unfortunately these shades are too light for my olive-tan skin tone. I am torn on whether I should return it or not, because I could potentially use it during the winter months when I am more of a medium skin tone! Regardless, after testing this formula for a week I can say those with fair to light-medium skin tones will absolutely love it!


The blush is in the shade Tropic Hues, which can be described as a glowing, peachy-pink. This was my first time wearing a Laura Geller baked blush and I really liked the way it looked! It is a very sheer formula, but can be layered for desired intensity, without looking cakey. It isn’t a shimmery blush, but it definitely has a glowing aspect to the formula that translates to a very youthful and fresh look on the cheeks. The Bronzer is the same as their Baked Body Frosting in Hawaiian Glow, which is a bestselling/top-rated product in the Laura Geller line at Ulta! I thought this bronzer was gorgeous and gave my skin a luminous glow, very similar to my Hourglass bronzer! I loved that this gave my skin a dewy-look, without getting oily throughout the day. I was so impressed that this bronzer blended seamlessly and looked natural, even in broad daylight! The French Vanilla Baked Highlight is also a cult-favorite product, which I’ve read other bloggers rave about in the past! I was happy to try it out and think it looks absolutely beautiful on the skin, however if you are tan or darker, it can look like a white stripe on your cheekbones (not flattering) so be warned! With all of that aside, it is a pretty shimmer highlight that does look shiny on the cheeks, without being glittery! It could be described as a creamy bright champagne highlight.


So although this product wasn’t a perfect match for my skin tone, I would still definitely recommend it to those who are more fair than me. I think the product performed great, it lasted on my face through long work days without a setting spray, which is very impressive! I was also extremely impressed with the bendability of these products. Once applied, they seemed to melt into my skin to the point where you couldn’t see where the lines began and ended. I loved the luminosity to these products and thought they brightened my face in a very unique and youthful way. Although this is a baked powder, they never look dry or cakey on the skin. I also enjoyed the simplicity and convenience of having all three shades in one compact. Laura Geller did a great job choosing shades that were all very complimentary to one another and didn’t require the use of other shades to make a complete and cohesive makeup look. I want to try out more products from this line, so if you have any favorites that would compliment olive-tan skin tones, than please let me know! I would love to do another review based upon your recommendations! Thank you for reading!

11 thoughts on “Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour Palette

  1. anaisabelleee says:

    This product looks awesome! I travel frequently with friends and I hate bringing sooo much make up because I’m scared somethings going to break lol I haven’t tried any Laura Geller products. Seems like I’m missing out, definitely going to try some now!

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