I remember being in awe of makeup as a child. Watching intently as my Mom did her morning routine and seeing her smile once she put lipstick on. I discovered YouTube makeup tutorials in high school and realized my general curiosity had turned into a passion. I was obsessed with the transformative properties of makeup, the way someone could completely change their natural appearance in 20 minutes. I admired these young women that were brave enough to publicly share their bare face and freely explain their imperfections and insecurities. It was at this moment makeup became something less vain and more empowering. The idea that using certain products in a strategic manner seemed challenging, but enticed me to learn the artistry of makeup application.

Over the years, I have shared my love for beauty products with friends and family. They rely on me to deliver the best advice and product suggestions for their personal needs because of my extensive research on new beauty innovations. That is the purpose of this blog. I want to inform others on products that are worth their hard earned money. I want to explain application techniques that may change someone’s entire makeup experience. I want to become a trusted friend that shows you the importance of loving yourself. I want to be a big sister that teaches you how to be confident in your own skin.

I love beauty, but I love inner beauty more. I hope to educate and inspire the same way many other bloggers have in my own personal life. If I can help one girl gain confidence through this blog, my journey leading up to this point will have accomplished the most beautiful goal.

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