L’Oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer

This gloomy weather has been making me crave Summer. Since I can’t naturally achieve my desired tan, glowy skin at the moment, I decided to cope the best way I know how and buy a new bronzer. Whenever I walk into any drugstore, I always check out the new makeup collections displayed in the front. I noticed L’Oreal’s new products for Summer right away because they were in sparkly orange packaging. Once I examined the new “Glam Bronze Bronzer Summer Collection,” I noticed there were three different shades in the range to suit light, medium and dark skin tones. I chose the shade “Glam Bronze Medium” because the shade was uniquely the perfect mix between a cool and warm toned brown. I also could see that there was visible gold shimmer on the pan, but I personally like my bronzers to have a sheen to them! Especially in the summertime for an added healthy glow to the skin!     

Glam Bronze Bronzer Summer Collection, Glam Bronze Medium, $14.99.


So now onto the actual review of the product! I’ve only been testing it for about a week, so these opinions are based on my first impressions! Beginning with the packaging, I really feel like for drugstore it’s pretty solid! It doesn’t feel super luxurious, but I also don’t think it’s flimsy like some other drugstore packaging can be. I think the size of the bronzer is amazing! The pan is huge so you can fit any sized brush into the product. Sometimes I like to use a large powder brush to lightly sweep bronzer all over my face for a natural, non-contoured effect, so pan size is important!   

Such a beautiful woven pattern stamped onto the bronzer. Love the attention to detail, L’Oreal!


The consistency of the bronzer is really different, in a good way! It feels like a hybrid between cream and powder. When swatched, this bronzer feels super silky on the skin, which is nice because most powder bronzers can be slightly chalky and have a lot of fallout. This bronzer is very evenly pigmented and doesn’t transfer the visible glitter that is on the pan, onto your face. I have a feeling it is an overspray and once I use the entire top layer of this product, a satin bronzer will be underneath! Overall this bronzer applies in a really natural way once on the skin. I believe the unique silky texture forces this product to blend in with your skin without any harsh likes. Once finished applying this bronzer, it truly just looks like a natural tan. 

As far as the longevity of this product, it lasted throughout an entire work day for me. This time lapse included applying at 7:00 am and arriving home at 6:00 pm. I would say once it was 8-9:00pm, I noticed it was broken up and patchy around my forehead. This is probably due to this area of my face falling victim to oiliness! Other than that, the product lasted nicely throughout my entire day! I did find that setting my entire face with a makeup setting spray (I use Urban Decay All-Nighter) did extend the wear time of this bronzer, but it honestly does that with any bronzer that I wear. 


I think this bronzer is perfect for someone who enjoys a neutral bronze shade. One that isn’t too warm and orange-based, or too cool with a gray undertone. It really looks so natural on the skin and melts in with the rest of your face products seamlessly. At $14.99, it is pricey for drugstore, but L’Oreal tends to be. I think with the amount of product you receive, the price can be justified! Again, you can usually find good deals on L’Oreal and other drugstore brands if you research what weekly sales are happening in your area, so try to get an added discount if you can! I would definitely repurchase this product and it’s now my new favorite bronzer from the drugstore. Also let me know if you would like to see a post about all my favorite drugstore and high-end bronzers! I think I have quite the collection and variety so it could help you find your next bronzer obsession! Thanks for reading! 

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