July Favorites!

It’s that time again! I’m sharing my monthly beauty, fashion and skincare favorites with you for July! These products have been my most frequently reached for all month long, so you can trust that they’re high quality! I’m always interested in knowing your favorite products for the month, so please comment below and let me know! 


Urban Decay Naked Skin Complete Coverage Weightless Concealer, “Light Warm”

This is my go-to under eye concealer because it’s lightweight and full coverage, aka the best of both worlds! This product blends out so beautifully and never creases underneath my eyes. I love the shade “light warm” because it is a bright yellow color that acts as a highlight on my medium skin tone. Another amazing aspect is the longevity, this will not fade or break up throughout the day. If you’re looking for a new concealer, I would definitely suggest this for any skin type and any skin tone! I’m always amazed at the intense coverage I get from such a lightweight formula and that is why I always go back to this product time after time! 


Buxom Full-On Lip Cream, “White Russian” 

You need this lipgloss. I just don’t know what else to say other than you need it in your life and you’ll love it more than all other glosses. This creamy formula plumps your lips without stinging! It actually feels cooling when you apply it and somehow gives the look of fuller lips (which I’m obsessed with.) The shade “White Russian” is a very light nude shade that looks great on its own, or paired on top of a nude lipstick. Just a warning, this is a very creamy and thick formula, so if you don’t like the feeling of lipgloss on your lips then you will probably dislike this product! The scent is like a vanilla-mint, which I’m personally a huge fan of. Buxom makes a lot of other shades in this range, so if a super nude color isn’t for you, check out some of their others! I’m also obsessed with the “Hot Toddy” shade as well! 


Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lip Color, “XYZ”

Obsessed is an understatement. This is BY FAR the best liquid lipstick formula that I’ve ever tried! It’s so thin and liquidy, so it dries super quickly once applied on your lips! It’s very matte, but not extremely drying. My lips stayed pretty hydrated throughout the wear of this, which is something I’ve never experienced before with a liquid lipstick! I noticed I didn’t have to wear a lip liner with this product because it doesn’t transfer or bleed outside of the area you apply it. The color is amazing as well! XYZ is the perfect nude-brown shade for medium skin tones. This formula lasts for about 5 hours before fading on me, which is amazing! It even stayed put during eating and drinking! Plus it leaves behind a beautiful stained effect, which I love. 


Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, “Medium Neutral” 

This product was a lifesaver during the month of July because it gives a full coverage foundation look, without being heavy at all! During the summer months, I tend to forgo liquid foundation because it’s heavy and tends to look cakey throughout the day, which makes a powder foundation super ideal! Not only does this product cover up all of my flaws, but it feels super light on my skin! I can forget that I’m even wearing makeup whenever I put this product on. My favorite way to apply this is by first putting on a primer all over my face so the powder has something to adhere to. Next, I use a flat top powder brush and buff it onto my skin in small circular motions! I love this because it’s super long lasting and prevents me from getting oily throughout the day, but it also isn’t too matte, making my skin look dull and lifeless. This is my new favorite powder foundation and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a lightweight feel, but a full coverage foundation look!


Ardell Demi Wispies Natural Multipack 

I’ve recently been loving these lashes to intensify any makeup look! They define my eyes so beautifully and give me a full lash appearance, without being over-the-top! They give a more voluminous lash look, rather than lengthening, which is my personal preference in a false lash style. I really wanted to share these because they look so gorgeous with dramatic, smokey eye looks and natural eyeshadow looks as well! I love how light the lash band is because they don’t feel uncomfortably heavy on the eyes, which allows me to wear them for hours without any discomfort! I highly recommend trying these out whether you wear false lashes all the time, or have never tried them! These are a great, versatile style and very easy to apply for beginners! 


Madewell, “Women’s Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee”

I never knew I could be so obsessed with a t-shirt until I discovered these! They’re so versatile and can be dressed up or worn very casually. What I love most is the style of these shirts, which is kind of baggy/loose, but not unflattering! I’m always finding that plan t-shirts are either weirdly tight to the point they’re uncomfortable in certain areas, or they’re so loose that they look misshapen. These are the perfect in between, which make them so great! I always buy them when they’re on sale, so definitely check them out when you can get a good deal on them! They wash great and do not have piling or random holes, which a lot of other cotton tees tend to do! Love, love, love these!

Tory Burch, “Miller Sandal” 

I have been wanting these sandals for the longest time and finally gave in and purchased them in July! I have been wearing these non-stop and find they go with every outfit. They’re also super comfortable, which is what I care about most! If you want to splurge on a fancy shoe for summer, I would really recommend these because you’ll certainly get a lot of wear for your money! 



Tony Moly, “I’m Real Avocado Sheet Mask” 

Sheet masks are an amazing new skincare innovation! Although they look absolutely terrifying when you put it on your face, it’s amazing how they combine all of the skin benefits you would get from paying for an expensive spa facial! The at-home convenience of just taking a sheet and placing it on your face, makes me keep buying these. I love how easy they are because you don’t have to mix a bunch of different products and see what works together. Instead, these sheets are saturated with the exact combination of skincare ingredients to nourish and hydrate your face. The “I’m Real Avocado” is my favorite of the Tony Moly sheet masks because it plumps and softens my skin, giving me a noticeable glow as soon as I remove the sheet and rinse my face! 

Garnier, “Clearly Brighter Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller – Light/Medium” 

I love using this product to instantly de-puff and conceal my dark circles when I wake up! This product is a miracle worker when I’m rushing out the door for work and need to conceal my dark circles, while also hydrating my sensitive under eyes. Although I layer a more full-coverage concealer on top of this product, you could definitely use it on its own for a lighter, more natural effect! The roller ball is so cooling and feels incredible when you need something to help you wake up in the morning!

Lush, “Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser”

I am obsessed with this cleanser, ah! I recently bought this product at Lush after reading so many amazing reviews and it is truly a miracle worker! After removing my makeup and cleansing with my Clarisonic, I take this exfoliating product and scrub my face! I notice that it softens my skin since it’s infused with lavender and rose oils, but effectively removes all of my dead skin and rough patches with the ground almonds. I enjoy the fact this is all natural and just as powerful as some of the harsher skincare products I’ve used in the past. It’s amazing to see a product take away my redness and fade my acne scaring so quickly! I highly recommend you try this out because I can see it working great for any skin type! 

Are Makeup Setting Sprays Even Necessary? 

Let me begin by answering the title question; yes, makeup setting sprays are a very necessary part of any makeup look and will completely change the look and wear-time of the products you use. The most obvious usage for these products are to set your face to extend makeup longevity, however there are other ways you can use these mists to get the most out of your money! I want to share with you my favorite makeup setting sprays and the ways in which I use them!

M.A.C Prep & Prime Fix +, $22. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $30. Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist, $15. SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray, $16. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water (1 oz. Travel Size), $16.



M.A.C Fix + is a setting spray mist that is water-based and lightweight. It refreshes skin after makeup application and will lay all of your powder products flat to reduce the look of a cakey appearance. This is also the best setting spray to use to intensify the look of your sparkly eye shadows! If you spray your eye shadow brush with this mist, then dip into the shadow you want to use, it will then apply in a more foiled effect for a intense pigmentation! You can even use this method if you want to intensify the glow on your highlighting products. This product stands out to me because of the dewy effect it gives to my makeup. It has the power to take an all-powder, matte look and transform it into a natural, seamless makeup look. It can blend out harsh lines from contouring and highlighting, flattening and melting the product into your skin. M.A.C Fix + is truly a one-of-a-kind product that I cannot live without!


My all-time favorite, holy-grail makeup setting mist is the Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray! If you buy only one of these products from this post, I would suggest this one! For starters, this works on every skin type, from dry to oily, it will extend your makeup longevity! I have tested this spray for years and it can will perform through the coldest months, when your skin tends to get dry and the hottest months, where sweat and oiliness can otherwise cause your makeup to break up! I think this spray is a true setting spray in the sense that it locks in your makeup and extends it’s wear time throughout the day (or night)! You seriously need this product because it will completely change the way your makeup looks and feels and of course, it will make all of your makeup products last longer!

A newfound love of mine is the Tony Moly’s Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist! First of all, the packaging is so adorable and definitely was the driving force behind purchasing this product! You will find the mist is very finely dispensed and feels so refreshing on the skin. It is described as an oil-controlling facial mist that is also hydrating for your skin. There are added skincare benefits to using this product because it is formulated with fruit extracts! I definitely think this product controls the oiliness of my skin whenever I use it in the morning to set my makeup. It also softens the overall appearance of my pores, which is an added bonus! This product is also awesome to store in your purse for a refreshing mid-day mist. The only con to this product (which I can definitely see past) is the initial fragrance. It does smell exactly like baby powder, so if you are sensitive to that scent, you may want to stay clear!


The next setting spray that I love using is the SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray! This is a really awesome product because it is neither mattifying or glowing, it truly gives a natural, skin-like finish to your makeup once you apply it! The price is also great, $16 for 2.7 oz.! I also wanted to mention that this product has a slight cooling sensation when applied to the skin, making it ideal for the summer months. I have found I can increase the vibrancy of my shadows and pigments by spraying this on the brush I am using, so it serves a dual purpose too! From my personal experience with this product, I have found it extends the longevity of my makeup for a couple of hours, but nothing more than that! Unfortunately, it does not do the best job at controlling oil, so I would pass on this product if that is a major concern for your skin type!  


The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water is a product I initially felt skeptical about. I could not justify paying for something that claimed to be a glorified water. Luckily, this product really is so much more than that! If you enjoy using products that are free of alcohol, oil and silicone, than this will be your best friend! It is enriched with electrolytes to keep your face moisturized, while locking in your makeup. I have tried this product as a priming spray underneath my makeup and I love the way it performs! It is extremely lightweight and refreshing on your bare skin, but works to fill in pores and smooth uneven texture. I find that my foundation applies beautifully and lasts for a long time when used on top of this primer water. I have also used this product to set my makeup and found it also works well in this form too! It is a product that will not extend the longevity of your makeup for an extreme amount of time, but it will prolong it for a few hours. I have heard it does work better on dry skin because the concept for the formula does focus on hydrating, more than oil-control.

I really hope you were able to pick a new setting spray out from the list to try out! Since it is summer and the weather is only getting warmer, I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible! I have noticed such an incredible difference in the way my makeup looks, feels and lasts since beginning to use a makeup setting spray. I still have many more that I want to try, so feel free to leave a comment with your favorite! Thank you so much for reading!
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