Favorite Fall Lip Colors!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, “Exorcism,” $20. M.A.C Satin Lipstick, “Rebel,” $17. M.A.C Matte Lipstick, “Diva,” $17. Bite Beauty Matte Lip Creme, “Aubergine,” $24. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick, “Craft,” $20.

Berry toned lipsticks are my favorite way to turn any simple makeup look into a full Fall themed glam. I have found my absolute favorites after trying out various formulas and shades over the years. I have a medium-olive skin tone, however I know these colors look absolutely beautiful on many other skin tones. As you can see in the swatches, these are all very berry-burgundy toned lip shades, but I personally see a difference in the colors! I’m in no way suggesting you need each shade to achieve a Fall lip look; I am just trying to show you different formulas, undertones and brands to help you determine which one may be a good fit for you!      


First up we have the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade, “Exorcism.” This is probably the darkest lip color I own, but I absolutely love wearing it for a fun night out! I was gifted this product by my beauty-loving cousin Cora and I am so happy she sent me this because I don’t know if I would’ve been brave enough to purchase this on my own! In the tube, the color is a bit intimidating, but once applied onto your lips, it blends out into a deep brick red shade, with a hint of a plummy undertone. The formula is super pigmented and you only need one swipe of this to cover your entire lips. It is SUPER matte, so I would definitely recommend wearing a lip primer underneath if you tend to have dry lips. This lasted for 6 hours straight on me without fading or a need for touch ups, so it is definitely perfect for going out! 


Next is probably the most wearable shade in the bunch, M.A.C’s Satin Lipstick in the shade, “Rebel.” This is by far my most worn shade in the Fall because it transitions easily between day and night makeup looks. It is fairly natural for being a berry colored lipstick and I get compliments from women of every age when wearing! I love that this formula is a satin because it moisturizes my lips throughout the colder months. I think this color is a perfect violet-toned berry shade that you can pair with really natural looks or dramatic makeup. Rebel lipstick may not last as long as some of the liquid lipsticks I am mentioning, however it does leave behind a beautiful stain on your lips that I personally love! 


M.A.C’s Matte Lipstick in the shade, “Diva” is very bold with a deep burgundy undertone. In the swatch, I only swiped on two coats, but you can build this color to look even darker and more vampy. This is a color I would typically wear during nighttime because it is super bold and can be very attention-grabbing during the day, but that is just how I personally rock it! This is a matte formula, which I prefer in super dark shades because I don’t want it to bleed and transfer onto any parts of my face, which can tend to happen with creamier formulas. It is super long-lasting and is a good alternative to a liquid lipstick which can be overly drying. I would highly recommend lining your lips with a darker lip liner before applying this color to ensure it doesn’t bleed outside of your natural lip line and looks as clean as possible! 


I had to mention the Bite Beauty Matte Lip Creme, in the color, “Aubergine” because it not only is a stunning mauve-toned violet shade, but the formula is one of the best I’ve tried in a matte lipstick. The packaging provides a super precise tip, so you can basically line your lips and fill them in all with the same product. Plus, Bite Beauty uses all food-grade ingredients, meaning if you accidentally lick your lips or eat while wearing this lipstick, you can rest assured you aren’t ingesting any toxic stuff! Since the exact name of this product is a “matte lip creme” I will say that isn’t a true matte that dries down to a velvety finish, but I personally don’t mind the extra moisture that creates a semi-matte look! I feel like this would be a super “safe” shade to transition into your Fall makeup routine if you have never experimented with berry toned lip colors!


Lastly, I had to shout out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in “Craft.” On my skin tone, this color turns out nothing like it looks in the tube. When I first bought this product, I thought it would be a pretty close dupe to M.A.C “Rebel,” however it is totally different and definitely has much more of a purple undertone. I would consider this shade to be on the more dramatic side of the spectrum. It’s formula is super pigmented and very matte. It is a cool-toned berry shade, which differs from the others in my collection in a good way! I think this shade pairs beautifully with cool-toned, mauve eyeshadow when I am going for that on-trend, monochromatic makeup look. This is a super drying formula that I always have to wear a lip primer or Chapstick underneath. The formula applies in a way that you can get super close to your lip line for a very precise application, which is convenient if you don’t have a matching lip liner on hand! 


As you can tell, I am mildly obsessed with these colors during the Fall months and have an excuse to own each shade and find different ways to categorize them! I feel like this is an essential product if you want to look like you put effort into your makeup look, but don’t want to do a full-face glam! Just swipe on some berry toned lipstick, grab a pumpkin spice latte and you’re good to go! Thank you for reading this post and feel free to leave me a comment about all the Fall lip colors you’re loving this season! 


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CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks!

I wanted to review my new favorites from the drugstore, otherwise known as the Cover Girl Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks! After reading mixed reviews online, I wanted to try the formula out for myself and see if it could work for me and my preferences. I like the matte look, but struggle with lipsticks that dry out and give me a cracked appearance after an hour. The description of these matte’s claim they’re infused with shea-butter and feel creamy once applied to your lips, which enticed me to finally purchase! I have been testing these for about two weeks now and think they’re a great product that compare to a lot of my high-end lipsticks!     


CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick, “Sphynx” $8.99.

I purchased two colors in the collection to test for variations in the formula based on shade. I was very happy to learn that both perform the exact same as far as longevity, creaminess and pigmentation. Sphynx is a true nude shade that has a rose undertone. I find this is a super wearable and natural shade for an everyday lipstick color, but I also think this would complement a dramatic, smokey eye beautifully! 

CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick, “Pink Paws” $8.99.

The next shade I wanted to try out was Pink Paws. I would describe this as a peachy-pink color that can also be very wearable on a day-to-day basis. I love wearing shades like this in the Spring and Summer because they provide an extra pop of color to my standard bronze makeup look. I really enjoy the color combination that comes from mixing Sphynx and Pink Paws as well!     


The formula of these lipsticks swatch very creamy and feel buttery whenever you rub your lips together. With that said, they definitely do not dry down to a completely matte look. I would describe it as a “satin-matte” because it isn’t glossy, but it also isn’t completely flat. For me personally, I like the feel of this formula because it isn’t sticky or slippery like some satin formulas, but it also doesn’t make my lips feel like chalk like a lot of matte lipsticks tend to do! The color lasts on my lips for 3-4 hours before it starts fading and it does wear off whenever you eat. Both Sphynx and Pink Paws do leave behind a bit of a lip stain once they are off your lips, so that can be either a pro or con based on your pigmentation preferences! I personally like it because it gives me a hint of color if I am busy and can’t immediately reapply!


Another great aspect to these products are their pigmentation! I find that they are very opaque on the lips, which is nice when you want a full-coverage lip look. The creamy texture does not sink into your lip lines, so you are able to get away with wearing these without a lip liner or primer. The color payoff is really impressive for a drugstore lipstick that is at such a budget-friendly price range. I want to try some of the other darker colors in the line as well to test for further consistency in formulation. The two colors I bought are extremely wearable and I did appreciate the fact that this range is comprised of mostly everyday shades that will work for a variety of skin tones. I always appreciate new product releases that include colors that you can actually wear in public to school or work. With that said, there are also some unconventional colors, including a black, that are available in the Cover Girl Kitty Kat matte range.


I really hope this review helped you decide whether or not these lipsticks would be a good fit for your collection! I initially was drawn to these based on the cute display and adorable packaging, but was so happy to learn that these shades and formulas work wonderfully based on the personal preferences that I look for in a lipstick. Let me know if you have tried this product, or other drugstore lipsticks that you are currently loving! Thank you so much for reading!