October Favorites!

I feel like I always say this, but WOW this month flew by! I feel like this entire year is going by fast. As always, I’m bringing you my monthly round up of the top products I used and loved throughout October! These posts are so much fun for me to write. I get an opportunity to thoughtfully reflect on the things I’ve been using and give insight into application, wear time, etc., which could only be determined over a period time. If you like these types of posts, please “like” and share with your fellow makeup lovers and leave a comment so we can talk about your loves for the month of October!

Milk Makeup Flex Foundation Stick | Sephora, $36.

I’m going to start off this review by stating who may not love this type of foundation stick… If you like full coverage, want your base makeup to look flawless, or have combo/oily skin… I wouldn’t recommend this to you. If you like light coverage, want your face to look natural (freckles still showing, etc) and have dry skin, I think you would love this! I picked up the Milk Makeup foundation stick to wear on days where I do a very minimal routine and need some extra hydration. Now that the Fall and soon-to-be Winter is here, I’ve noticed that my skin is becoming more dry and needs that extra layer of a moisturizing foundation throughout the day! I apply this by drawing lines all over my face, then blending it all out with a flat top brush to get maximum coverage. This is great for the “no makeup makeup” look because your moles and freckles will still show, but you’ll have an even skin tone and can build coverage on areas where you may need additional concealing. I love this for traveling too because it’s in stick form and can easily be applied on the go! I love the shades in this line as well. “Golden Sand” is so complimentary to my olive complexion.

Ilia Soft Focus Setting Powder | Sephora, $34

If you only buy one thing from this post, this is what you need to get! On my quest for finding clean beauty products that perform better than their less natural competitors, I stumbled upon the Ilia translucent powder. This has become holy grail status for me! It is talc-free, which helps my sensitive skin stay clear and healthy! Since using this powder, I have not produced any mila bumps near my eyes and it’s all because of it being talc-free. I’ve become so reliant on this powder and *dramatic statement ahead* but I really don’t like the way my makeup looks whenever I use something different to set my face. This is my one and only to help prolong the wear of my makeup, aide in oil control, and improve the softness of my skin!

PÜR Skin Perfecting Powder After Glow | Ulta Beauty, $26.

I am a complete highlight addict. I own a shameful amount of golden, champagne shimmers that give my face a gorgeous glow! This one from PUR is absolutely stunning! I would describe the shade as a true bright gold that is highly reflective. You’re definitely going to get the “wet look” with this product. A little goes a very long way, so you definitely get your money’s worth! I love using this as an inner corner highlight shade to brighten and widen the shape of my eyes too. The texture is so creamy and finely milled, which makes this a dream to blend! This was a product that honestly shocked me because I haven’t heard it talked about yet. It really encouraged me to check out some more products by PUR!

CoverGirl TruNaked Queenship Shadow Sticks | Ulta, $9.99.

One of my favorite “throw on and go” products are the CoverGirl shadow sticks in the shades “Frivolous” and “Leading Lady”. I love these two colors for different reasons! Frivolous is a super bright rose gold color that has a ton of champagne shimmer throughout. Once applied, this maintains is brilliance throughout the entire day! The glitters do not transfer and the color doesn’t fade as time goes on. Truly impressive for this price point! I love the matte cool brown color in Leading Lady to use as a smoked out eyeliner color on quick makeup days where I need to swipe something across the lids and quickly blend out for an effortless smudged look. The only con to this product is that once is sets, it’s set. These really don’t budge, so you have a short amount of time to blend and manipulate the color in any way before it is completely budge proof on your eyes. There are a few other shades in this line that I’m dying to try, but these 2 have been in heavy rotation throughout the month of October!

Neutrogena Lip Gloss Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine, Berry Brown | Target, $8.39.

As much as I wish I was sharing a bold, cranberry lip color with you for Fall…that’s just not the reality of my daily life! It’s so nice to have a gloss to apply on the go, without having the fear of precision or transfer! This Neutrogena gloss is so hydrating that it honestly gives your lips a plumper appearance, without the stinging sensation that most plumping products will give you! The shade “Berry Brown” has a hint of mauve and a gorgeous warmth, making it a lovely Fall lip color option if you prefer a more natural look! The texture is hydrating without feeling heavy or sticky. You really can’t go wrong with this line of glosses! I own a few different colors and every shade is consistently wonderful.

Thank you so much for reading my monthly favorites for October! These aren’t the most festive products or “on theme” for Fall, but this is what I truly used and never wanted to put down! I hope it gave you some good ideas for products to pick up the next time you’re browsing the isles of Sephora and Ulta. As always, I would LOVE to know the products you’re adoring for the month, so please leave me a comment with your top picks too!

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Zoeva Limited Edition Melody Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette

Hello! With so many new eyeshadow palettes releasing at once, it can be a bit overwhelming to sort through the initial hype and find the real gems out there! I (like most people) am drawn to things that are in beautiful packaging. It’s one of the best marketing techniques to put something in appealing packaging on an attention grabbing display. I saw this Zoeva Melody palette online at Ulta. The outer covering is obviously gorgeous with the holographic butterflies and modern font, but the inside is what really got me. The shades range from basic matte neutrals to unique duo chrome shades. I had to have it! In this post, I’ll be explaining the pros and cons of this palette, what I like and don’t like, and whether or not I feel like it’s worth the $28 price tag. Let’s get started!

Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette

Upon first glance, I was impressed that this palette seemed so well balanced. There is a good variety of everyday colors that I would feel comfortable wearing to work, mixed in with some fun pops of purple, green, that would be perfect for a night out! I liked the amount of mattes vs shimmers and felt that the range had enough depth to prevent the colors from blending out to one similar shade after application. Next, I began swatching these colors and realized that they were super buttery and pigmented! The duo chrome shades were so eye catching, as you can see below. Depending on the lighting, they would shift to a different color and create a really cool effect. I liked that this palette offered something different than a lot of my others.

Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette

Shades: (from Ulta’s website description)

• Gowns Swirling (matte porcelain pink with glitter)

• Airy Dalliance (satin delicate apricot)

• Gentle Clasp (satin cool blue with glitter)

• Cocoon of Doubt (satin antique gold)

• Fly Solo (matte cool ash brown)

• From Heaven (duochrome rose satin base with icy blue shift)

• Whirled Above (matte sandy maple brown sugar)

• Crystal Wings (duochrome rust-red satin base with golden green shift)

• Soul Unheld (shimmer golden honey bronze)

• About to Leave (matte rich espresso brown)

In my swatches, you can see how richly pigmented and metallic these shades are. However, once applied to the eyes, they do lose that BAM, in your face, sparkle quality…which is unfortunate, because I personally love glitter! However, for some people, that may be exactly what they want! I don’t want to say that I don’t approve of this palette, because I am happy to have it in my collection and I know I will use it, but I’m not in love with it. Since the shimmers are so finely milled, they translate to more of a satin finish on the eyes. I tried using a dry brush, wet brush, and my fingertip. All tools produced the same effect. A soft, diffused wash of color that differed from the way the shadow appeared in the pressed pan and the way it looks with an arm swatch. It was disappointing only because I expected it to look one way, not because it’s an ugly palette. It did last on my eyes all day and I did get compliments on my makeup, but I just wanted it to be more of a true representation of the shades that were in each pan. I noticed the duo-chromes were the most sheer, which was sad because I was looking most forward to those when I purchased the palette. The mattes are actually a beautiful formula and couldn’t be more blendable. I would love to try a Zoeva palette full of mattes now that I’ve tested this one! If I had to give an actual ranking on this palette, I would say it’s a 6/10 just because it’s not my type. He’s not ugly, he’s just not my type! 😂 If you’re looking for something that’s mainly sheer satin shades with a few buttery mattes, then you would love this palette!

Looking back at the 2 eye looks I created, I think they look pretty and simple, even though I incorporated about 5 different shades in each picture. Again, I’m not blown away by the end result and I’m not telling anyone “You need this palette ASAP!” even though it is limited edition. I would love for every review I bring to you to be glowing and positive, but the reality is, not every product out there is a home fun. I rely heavily on these types of posts to make informed buying decisions and that’s why I wanted to publish this, even though it’s not my new favorite palette! For some, this may be what sways you not to get it and for others, you may see this palette and think “that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!” It really is all preference and mine is to be full of glitter and high pigmentation at all times haha! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review and check out my swatches/awkward makeup faces! I would love to know your opinion of this Melody Palette in the comments below. Let me know if there is a better application technique too! I learn from my readers every day, so all input is welcome and encouraged. 😌 Have a great week everyone! See you next Sunday! ❤️

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May Favorites! 

I love reading other bloggers monthly favorites, so I wanted to do one of my own! I included beauty, fashion and lifestyle favorites! Let me know if you enjoy reading posts like this and want me to do other monthly favorites in the future! Thanks for reading! 



Elizabeth and James, Nirvana White Eau de Parfum Spray, $80.

This perfume is described on Sephora’s website as a “blend of delicate peony, chic muget, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication.” I have a hard time with most floral perfumes because they tend to give me headaches, however this one does not! It’s really difficult to describe scents, but I will try my best to convey my thoughts! Nirvana White is a very light floral scent that is mixed with a warm note that I can’t pinpoint! I think the idea of such a natural, floral scent gives this perfume more of a refreshing vibe that I haven’t experienced before! It lasts really long into my day and I get compliments every time I wear it! It is by far my favorite daytime scent!


Dermadoctor, KP Duty Dermatologist Formulated AHA Moisturizing Therapy For Dry Skin, $10.

I think this is the perfect product for Summer if you struggle with severe dry skin like I do! Dermadoctor’s products include, “a patented blend of glycolic acid, green tea extract and urea to help exfoliate, calm and hydrate,” which are all great ingredients for sensitive skin! As long as I can remember, I’ve had rough bumps on the backs of my arms. It’s a huge insecurity of mine because in the summertime I’m always wearing short sleeves and tank tops that reveal this problem area. Luckily, I’ve found this lotion that has significantly decreased the look of bumpy skin on my arms! On Ulta’s website it’s listed that this product, “Helps improve the appearance of parched skin and rough chicken skin bumps (like keratosis pilaris).” So good news, if you’ve always struggled with uneven texture on your body, this lotion will fix it for you! 


Loving Tan, Deluxe Bronzing Mousse, in shade “Ultra Dark,” $39.95.

This bronzing mousse by Loving Tan has the best formula by far when compared to my old favorites, St. Tropez and Vita Liberata. The color is FLAWLESS! It’s a deep olive-based, natural looking tan, rather than your standard orange or red undertone formula. The best part about this product is its longevity! On my skin, I can maintain my Loving Tan application for up to 5 days until it starts to fade! With other self tanners, I would notice it wearing off by the second day! I encourage you to check out their Instagram for before and after photos so you can see the difference I’m talking about! 


Becca Cosmetics, Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, in shade “Champagne Pop,” $38.

If you don’t have this product, you need to go on Sephora’s website and purchase it immediately! If I could only recommend one highlighter to you, I would say Champagne Pop by Becca every time! It is universally flattering on every skin tone and truly unique in color. It’s highly reflective with peachy, champagne undertones. It looks gorgeous for daytime or night looks and lasts all day long! It’s a beautiful, buttery product that I know you’ll enjoy no matter what! I’ve been wearing it non-stop during the month of May! 


Laura Mercier, Translucent Loose Setting Powder, $38. 

This product is something I never want to be without. I never understood the hype over using translucent setting powders because I thought if they didn’t provide any extra coverage, then what was the point? Well, this powder has changed my opinion completely! It’s silky-smooth texture fills in pores and leaves your skin looking matte in areas you would tend to get oily (t-zone). It never looks cakey, which some tinted foundation powders can tend to do! Another reason I love this is because it does not have any flash back! A lot of translucent powders will show up as a white cast on your face in flash photography, but for whatever reason, this powder does not! Believe the hype and go buy this powder for the summer months! 


Too Faced, Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, in shade “Fig,” $21. 

I’m absolutely in love with the formula on these lipsticks! It’s a very comfortable and creamy matte that you apply out of a lipgloss-like tube. I love many of the shades in the range, but in particular, I think the shade “Fig” is perfect for the spring months! It’s a beautiful, violet shade that is surprisingly subtle. These lipsticks are non-drying and leave behind a pretty stain once they’ve worn off! I have worn this lipstick so much throughout May and always receive compliments on the color of this product!


Nivea, Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm, $6.49.

If you’re new to makeup and want to build your collection with an inexpensive primer, you need to try this Post Shave Balm instead! Yes, it sounds crazy and this is definitely a product marketed towards men…however, the ingredients in this formula match many of those in high-end face primers! It smooths skin, extends the longevity of your makeup and moisturizes at the same time! I have the one labeled for sensitive skin and haven’t broken out once from this product. The trick to using this product is to rub it into your face long enough to feel it get tacky. You want your skin to feel borderline sticky and then apply your liquid foundation on top! Shout out to NikkieTutorials on YouTube for this amazing drugstore find! 




I wanted to add in some of my fashion favorites for the month of May as well! I’m not going to go into detail about each of these products because this is a beauty blog, but let me know if you would like to see some fashion posts! My Converse are comfortable to wear and go with any outfit! I love wearing these with casual outfits or t shirt dresses! My favorite loose jeans are the Tomgirl style from AE! They are baggy and on trend, without being unflattering. My fringe bag is my new favorite thing! I love crossbody styles and find that this color matches every outfit. I was really happy that I could find an inexpensive, but high quality bag that has this trendy fringe style! These are items that I’m wearing on repeat all month long and wanted to let you know about!    

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Sneaker, Optical White, $49.99. American Eagle, Tomgirl Jeans, $49.95. Nordstrom, BP. Layered Fringe Crossbody, $28.



I also wanted to include some lifestyle favorites of mine that I’m loving! This bottle will keep your water ice cold for 24-hours without melting your ice! I’ve been using this product on a daily basis and never want to be without it during the summer months! My Erin Condren Life Planner keeps me organized every day! It’s durable on the outside and has beautiful colored pages on the inside! Lastly, my snack obsession are the Snap Pea Crisps in the Caesar flavor! I promise you’ll be hooked on these after you try one! They satisfy the need for something crunchy, without being high in carbs and fat! 

S’ip by S’well, Jelly Bean Green Stainless Steel Water Bottle 15oz, $24.99. Purchased from Target! Erin Condren Life Planner, price varies. Snap Pea Crisps, Caesar, $1.99.