ColourPop Haul, Review and Swatches!

Who can say no to 20% off?! I sure cannot! When ColourPop was offering the discount site wide a few weeks ago, I decided I had to take advantage of such a good deal! Not only is their non-discounted price point extremely inexpensive, but combined when combined with an additional percentage off, this was a deal too good to pass up! 

Molly, Naked Ladies, Magic Wand, $6.


I really wanted to try their new Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks after hearing that they are matte without feeling dry. My biggest complaint with regular liquid lipsticks are the dry, chalky feeling that typically happens to me within the first hour of wear, hence the reason I was so attracted to this formula. As soon as I put this on, I immediately noticed how comfortable it felt on my lips. It is a mousey consistency that had a whipped texture even when it has “dried down.” I tested all three colors and was pleasantly surprised that the nude shade, as well as the two vibrant shades, both applied evenly and highly pigmented. I did wear these with a ColourPop lip primer too and noticed that this prolonged the wear time. I was able to eat and drink without this product breaking up in an obvious way on my lips. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that this particular formula stained my lips so even after it had completely worn off, I still had a hint of color left. I would highly recommend these to anyone that dislikes that drying, flakey feeling that is all too common with liquid lipsticks, but love the look of a matte formula. Also they have an extensive color selection with shades that range from natural to bold, so you’re bound to find one you like! Safe to say, I’m ordering more of these!

Swatches from left to right: Naked Ladies, Molly, Magic Wand.

Honey Dude, Prance, $6.

The other new product I tried for the first time are the creme gel eyeliners! I purchased the periwinkle-blue color “Prance” as well as the nude shade “Honey Dude” to give me a good balance between natural and edgy! I’ve been seeing lots of looks using colored liners in the water line and as winged liner, so I’m excited to experiment with the blue shade for summer! I’m always using a nude eyeliner in my waterline on a daily basis because I love a wide-eyed look! I’m loyal to my Tarte Inner Rim Brightener, so this ColourPop one has a lot to live up to! I’ve worn it for the last two days and although I don’t think it’s the best…it’s definitely not bad! For the price, it’s great! I just do have a hard time with it staying on my water line. Maybe it’s because it’s allergy season and my eyes are constantly watering, but the nude shade was really difficult to keep pigmented and bright in my waterline. As for the blue shade, “Prance,” this color lasted beautifully in my waterline all day long! It remained vibrant and true to color for the entire day and I received so many compliments on the unique pop of color! I really want to do a tutorial on the look because I think it was different and perfect for people who want to try something on trend for summer, but also want to keep the overall look very wearable and subtle.  

Swatches from left to right: Honey Dude and Prance.


Tassel, Girly, Alchemy, Sunset Blvd, $5.


Lastly, I purchased four of their eyeshadows because I’m addicted to these! I’m finding that they’re all I wear because they’re so pigmented and sparkly! I really love the look of just a wash of shimmery shadow on the lids with mascara for summer! I think this method emphasizes my eyes without looking overdone. I will give a disclaimer that these shadows really need to be worn with a primer during the spring and summer months when makeup products tend to break up and transfer from sweat or excess oil. My favorite primers to use with these shadows are M.A.C 24 Hour Extended Eye Base and Urban Decay Primer Potion in “Eden.” If I forgo a primer, sometimes these shadows transfer from my eyelid and into my crease area. This process can take my once neat and blended eye look into a messy, creasing catastrophe. Onto the shades that I purchased! “Alchemy” is listed on the ColourPop site as a translucent peachy tone, sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter and is labeled as a Glitter Sheer finish formula. I would definitely agree with this description. The shadow is essentially all sparkles with a natural colored base. I think this would be beautiful with very bronzed and highlighted skin and a bright red lip. Next is “Sunset Blvd,” which is a shadow from their recent KaePop collaboration with Karrueche. This shade is described as a warm golden bronze in a Pearlized Finish formula. I think the color of this eyeshadow is super pretty and subtle. On my skin tone, it shows up as a shimmery wash of color and looks natural enough for daytime. I really like this for an easy, every day shadow because it provides definition without being in-your-face. I feel like this would be a great color to add to anyone’s collection because it is so beautiful and will match any face and lip product you pair with it. Next is “Tassel,” which is a bright, true white with multi-dimensional, highly reflective glitter. I got this color because I thought it would be perfect for a bright inner corner highlight. By adding a white or light colored shimmery shadow to your inner corners, it will open up your eyes and make you appear more awake! So far this shadow is beautiful to serve that purpose. It is very stark white with major glitter, so I can’t imagine wearing it all over my lid and not looking like an ice princess. It looks great in the inner corner and lightly applied underneath the brow bone! Last, but not least, is “Girly” and it’s described as a warm golden bronze in a Pearlized Finish. I definitely don’t see anything bronze about this eyeshadow, but would agree that it is a very warm-toned, cream shade with golden shimmer. I think this color would look gorgeous on lighter skin tones that want a simple shadow to apply all over the lids for a natural look. I applied this shadow all over my lids, with a matte, warm brown shade in the crease and winged eyeliner, and was still asked multiple times what my eyeshadow is! So “Girly” does stand out even in a simple look. 

Swatches from left to right: Tassel, Girly, Sunset Blvd, Alchemy.

I really hope you try out some ColourPop items after reading this! Hopefully I gave you some good ideas on new products to try out! I would highly recommend the new Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks because they are really easy to apply and give you an on-trend lip look, without spending a ton of money! These are by far the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I have ever tried in any price point, so you need them! Plus they have so many unique colors so you can try something new! Thanks for reading!