Creating A Subtle Look With Colorful Eyeliner

I really wanted to do a post on how I wear colorful eyeliner in the most subtle way. Sometimes I want to go out of my comfort zone with makeup, but personally do not feel very confident when I’m wearing bright, attention grabbing looks on a day-to-day basis. If you are like me and want to experiment with a unique eyeliner color, like blue or purple, but also want to keep the overall makeup look understated, then keep reading! 


To start off this makeup look, I begin with my face. I like to make sure that my skin looks as flawless as possible, so my eyes will pop. Of course I use a primer and a full coverage foundation to give myself a smooth, even canvas for my powder products to lay nicely on. I then try to use soft colored blushes and bronzers so my face appears to be the most natural part of my makeup. I find that when you have multiple attention grabbing elements on your face (dark eyeshadow, bright lips, shimmery blushes) you can sometimes overpower the entire look, making it hard to concentrate on your natural features, while appreciating the area you are emphasizing. On my lips, I used a matte, nude liquid lipstick from ColourPop to stay cohesive with the natural vibe I’m going for with this look! 

Once you have your face completed, it’s time for the fun part; the eyes! If I’m doing a bold, colorful eyeliner look, I make sure to keep the eyeshadow neutral and understated. I find that this technique makes the eyeliner pop because it stands out when placed on a blank canvas. I usually choose a light, matte eyeshadow color to place all over the lid and blend a neutral tone shade into my crease for slight definition. Next is the fun part! The blue eyeliner I used in this look was in a pencil form so I simply drew a line on my upper eyelid and then a slight wing off of the end. Lastly, I used the mascara routine that I posted about in April, to give my eyes added definition! 

Too Faced, Peanut Butter & Jelly Eyeshadow Palette, $36. ColourPop Creme Gel Liner, In the shade: “Prance”, $5.


This colorful eyeliner look really does come across as understated and simple, even though you’re incorporating a unique color into your makeup. Whenever I wore this out, no one even noticed I was wearing blue eyeliner until I pointed it out! Also even though I used blue, I think you could use any color and it would look equally as cool! I think this periwinkle-blue shade is really beautiful for Spring, so that’s why I used it! 

Let me know how you like to incorporate bright makeup products into a subtle look! I’m always looking to try out new ways to give my ordinary makeup a unique pop! Thank you so much for reading!