How to Look Well-Rested with Brighter and Wider Eyes!

Do you have dark circles, puffy eyes or just a sleepy looking appearance after repeatedly hitting snooze on your seven alarms? Because same. I developed a routine to de-puff and give a highlighted, lifted appearance to my under eye area, while also brightening and widening my eyes! Keep reading to see the list of products I use and the ways I apply them to look more awake!

I always wake up with puffy eyes and the Clinique “Pep-Start” Eye Cream is my go-to for hydrating and brightening! I love it for so many reasons. I’ve struggled with finding the perfect formula to lightly moisturize my under eyes before I apply concealer. Whenever eye creams are too heavy, it will cause whatever you put on top of it to look heavy and crease. This one is so lightweight, while also being hydrating, so it’s the perfect formula for A.M. application! It is cooling to the touch, which helps with de-puffing as well! I’ve also noticed that this doesn’t give me those small white bumps, which sometimes can happen with different eye creams that I’ve tried. I use a small, pea sized amount and tap it on with my ring finger since it applies the lightest amount of pressure! I wait about a minute for it to sink in and then I go onto the next step!

I’ve been using the Becca “Under Eye Brightening Corrector” for a couple years now and I can’t imagine this product not being in my daily routine! If you have stubborn dark circles that show through with even the most full coverage concealers, then you need to invest in a good corrector! This one is a peach color with light reflecting illuminators, which will counteract the blue tones in your dark circles. A little goes a long way with this product, plus it lasts all day long! I apply this with my damp beautyblender underneath my eye and in the inner corners.

After I’ve moisturized and corrected, I apply a full coverage concealer! I always purchase one that’s 1-2 shades lighter than my foundation to give a highlighted effect! My holy grail formula is the Tarte “Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer” (that’s a mouthful!) and it comes in 14 shades so you’re bound to find your perfect match! It is by far the most lightweight, full coverage formula that I’ve ever tried! It truly conceals acne, dark circles and redness so flawlessly! I always use this product with a damp beautyblender to help sheer it out slightly! If you’ve struggled with your concealer wearing off, then you NEED to try this one because it doesn’t fade during the day or look drying!

By this point, I’ve used so many creamy, liquid products underneath my eyes, that I have to set it with a powder to lock it all in and prevent any creasing! I always choose a yellow-toned, matte highlight powder to enhance the brightening effect I’m going for! Even if you have a different skin tone than me, I would still highly suggest checking out the NYX “Highlight Pro Singles” on! These aren’t sold in store, but I always stock up online! At only $5 a pan, they’re extremely affordable and there are 12 different shades to choose from. I was constantly buying the Anastasia highlight refills and then I discovered these, which are just as pigmented! The powder will also help smooth out any fine lines you may have, which is an added bonus!

Now that my under eyes are concealed and bright, I move onto making my eyes look big and awake! On a daily basis, I typically just apply my bronzer in my crease and take a shimmery shade all over the lid. Even when I’m rushing, I will never forget to highlight my inner corners with a shimmery, champagne eyeshadow! This makes the biggest difference in opening up your eyes and reflecting much needed light in an otherwise shadowy area! I love using this L’Oreal “Infallible Eyeshadow” in “Iced Latte” to brighten everything up! I take my pinky finger and dab the shadow on my inner corners, blending it outwards to seamlessly fade into my lid color.

I have round eyes, with a lot of lid space, so I always use eyeliner on the top lash line to help define and thicken the look of my eyelashes! Whenever I don’t put eyeliner in this area, I feel like my eyes look super tiny and tired. My favorite liners to use are the Kat Von D “Tattoo Liner” in “Trooper” for an ultra black, winged liner and I love the Marc Jacobs “Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner” in “(Earth)quake 41” for a smudged out, brown liner look! I also use the Marc Jacobs liner on my top waterline to further define that area, as well as smudged out on the outer corners of my lower lash line!

I’m pretty sure the best makeup secret to opening up your eyes and making you look awake is using a nude eyeliner in your lower waterline! The Tarte “Fake Awake Eye Highlight” is the most pigmented and long wearing one I’ve tried so far! I’ve repurchased it so many times because nothing compares! The nude color will neutralize any redness you have from having your eyes closed all night long. Using a light color in the lower waterline will help widen and brighten your eye. Back in the day, I would use a white eyeliner, but I’ve started to enjoy the more natural effect of a nude eyeliner now! If you haven’t tried this beauty hack yet, you really need to! It makes the biggest difference and I really can’t do my makeup without it!

Do you have any tips or tricks to getting a fresh and well-rested appearance when you’re really just a sleepy gal?! Let me know by leaving me a comment! I love learning new techniques from you guys! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you found this type of product review/routine helpful!

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The Magical Beauty Blender 

I decided to post about my most used makeup tool; the one and only, Beauty Blender. I know you’re thinking, “What is so special about a sponge?” Well for starters, it can be used multi-purposely with foundation, concealer, cream bronzers and blushes, basically any liquid product! This particular makeup sponge is specifically designed to be used dampened. I place the Beauty Blender underneath running water and squeeze it in my hand for about 20 seconds while it absorbs. You will see that during this process, the Beauty Blender noticeably expands in size.    


Also we can address the fact it’s $20 for a sponge. Like yes, it blends out every product on your face flawlessly, but it is just a sponge…right? Well in my opinion, this really is different than any makeup brush or application tool that I’ve tried! Since using this product, I have noticed that my makeup looks more blended and natural in person and in photos. For me personally, a beauty tool that I can use with many different makeup products and gives an airbrushed appearance to my skin, is certainly worth $20. 

Before dampened with water and after.

The greatest aspect of the Beauty Blender is its ability to sheer out products. By using this product damp, it prevents foundation from caking up and looking patchy because it removes all excess product. If you pat it underneath your eyes to blend out concealer, it will create a crease-less and youthful effect. Also if you want to set your under eyes with powder, but find that it typically dries up on this delicate area, you can place your Beauty Blender in the powder and set your concealer flawlessly. I also use this to blend out my cream contour and highlight! It makes harsh lines, melt seamlessly into my skin. 

I continue to purchase a new Beauty Blender every six months, regardless of the semi-ridiculous price tag. I feel that after 6 months, the sponge does begin to dry out and not bounce on the skin as well. After I bought my first Beauty Blender, I had a difficult time researching the proper way to wash it. It is recommended to use the Beauty Blender brand liquid or solid cleanser, but it’s kind of pricey for the small amount of product you receive and for how much you use it (I wash my Beauty Blender every other use.) I scoured Pinterest for a duplicate of the ingredients featured in that particular formula and found there’s an even better, less expensive, all-natural formula that you can find at the grocery store!? 


Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap, $4.99.

Let me introduce you to Doctor Bronners Pure-Castille Magic Soap! I have the Lavender version, but there are other scented options you can purchase as well! This soap completely erases all traces of leftover makeup that will stain your Beauty Blender. I have tried the solid and liquid versions of this soap and enjoy both formulas! I choose to repurchase the liquid version for sanitary reasons. This soap also works amazing on makeup brushes too! 

I really hope you try both the Beauty Blender and the Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and let me know how much you love these products! Also if you are already using the Beauty Blender as much as I do, let me know your favorite makeup product to use with it!