Holy Grail Mascara Routine

When asked, “What makeup item could you never live without?” My instant response is MASCARA! One coat and my entire appearance changes. It was the first beauty product I was gifted by my Mom when I wanted to begin wearing makeup, so it holds sentimental value as well.   

Over the years, I have tried dozens of different mascaras, both from the drugstore and high end beauty retailers. I finally believe I have perfected the look of my lashes and found the secret formula to keeping them lifted all day long. Not to mention, flake free and ultra black. 

My favorite aspect about this routine is it features two mascaras, which only cost a combined total of $20! This is less than a single mascara from a high end brand! Not to mention, you can usually find coupons for drugstore brands, such as L’Oreal and use them towards this purchase! Keep reading to find out how I achieve a false lash look on a daily basis with drugstore mascaras!

What you will need:  

Tarte Eyelash Curler , $18


L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara in Blackest Black, $7.99 and L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara, $9.99


To begin this process, I first curl my eyelashes with my favorite Tarte Eyelash Curler. This will create a clear visual for your mascara application and allow you to see the lash from root to tip.

Next, apply one coat of the L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock mascara to your top lashes. Wait about 20 seconds for that to dry and then apply a second coat. This will build up your volume and the ultra black formula covers even the lightest colored eyelashes.

After that has set for about 30 seconds, proceed with one coat of the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara. Although this extra step may seem unnecessary, this particular formula is focused on lengthening lashes and removes any clumps from the previous Miss Manga Rock mascara. 

Then repeat this process on your lower lashes if you enjoy the look of both top and bottom mascara. I find that this personally gives me the wide-eye effect I prefer. 

Look at the difference I made by just adding mascara on one eye! 

I timed this mascara routine and found it takes about four minutes from beginning to end to complete. This included the inevitable mistakes of dotting mascara on my eyelid and having to remove it after. An important tip is to let the mascara dry when you accidentally get it on or around your eyelid area. Then once it sets, take a Q-Tip and gently wipe away to remove all traces of the spot! This trick has prevented the frustrating smudging and smearing that comes with prematurely fixing mascara mistakes! 

Please keep in mind that this mascara routine works for me because I enjoy the look of bold, defined eyelashes! Feel free to use one mascara or a dark brown formula if you enjoy a more natural effect to your eyelashes! The best part about makeup is it washes off, so enjoy trying different techniques and see what works best for you! Thanks for reading!