How To Get A Gel Manicure For Only 5 Bucks!

I am someone who loves the look of a gel manicure, but despises the act of going to a nail salon for an hour to get them done. So instead, I have searched high and low for nail polish formulas that claim to give the same effect without an LED light. I have tried expensive gel formula polishes from Sephora and Ulta, but I’ve also tried some drugstore brands as well. Before this point, my favorite line of polishes were the O.P.I Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer Collection. The formulation on these polishes are really creamy and only need 2 coats to be completely opaque. However, at $12.50 a bottle, you can easily spend the same amount trying out a few colors than on a single gel manicure. Thus my attempt to find cheaper alternatives at the drugstore. 

Wet N Wild isn’t a brand I’m personally too familiar with, but I’m always hearing different YouTuber’s and bloggers talk about. I saw the display for their Wet N Wild 1 Step WonderGel Nail Color and was intrigued by the advertised claims. You can find on their website that the details of these polishes are, “Up to 2 weeks of color & shine based on consumer grading. No UV Light Required. No Harsh Removal. 3-Free! No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Phthalates!” So after seeing these impressive claims, I decided to pick out some colors! Out of the 18 shades in the collection, I chose my 5 favorite to test the formula. I also want to mention that at only 5 bucks a polish, you can really try out a lot of colors without breaking the bank. Whenever I bought mine at Rite-Aid, they were 40%, which was such a good deal! I highly recommend doing your research on weekly drugstore deals and waiting until you can get them for even cheaper than the standard price. 

Wet N Wild 1 Step WonderGel Nail Color. Colors from left to right: Lavender Out Loud, Stay Classy, Pinky Swear, Condensed Milk, Peri-wink-le Of An Eye, $4.99.

These Wet N Wild polishes are SO GOOD! By far the longest lasting nail polishes I have ever tried. Typically nail polishes, regardless of their long lasting formulas, chip within 2-3 days for me. However, these last for about 5-6 days before showing any signs of wear or chips. I would say they last close to 2 weeks until I personally get to the point where I want to either change my polish color, or they’ve grown out and look unkempt. Also keep in mind that since I’m a germaphobe, I’m always washing my hands and using sanitizer and this formula still withstands it all! 

So another pro to choosing this polish is the quick dry time! I would say that after I have applied the second coat of polish, it takes my nails a total of 15 minutes to dry completely! For me, this is really impressive because sometimes with other polishes, I wait 30 minutes to dry and find out that they’re still tacky feeling! So yes, these dry all the way extremely quick, which I appreciate very much. 

Lastly, these polishes are all you need for a shiny, even coated manicure. Forget about a base coat and a top coat with this product because you do not need one! These polishes are awesome on their own and I have seen no visible difference in the way they apply or perform when using a base coat or a top coat. 

Lavender Out Loud, Stay Classy, Pinky Swear, Condensed Milk, Peri-wink-le Of An Eye

I really hope you try some of these Wet N Wild 1 Step WonderGel Nail Color polishes! My favorite colors are Stay Classy and Peri-wink-le Of An Eye. I definitely want to expand my collection, so let me know your favorite shades too! Thanks for reading! 

10 thoughts on “How To Get A Gel Manicure For Only 5 Bucks!

  1. itsprettylit says:

    If you can maybe follow up for how long they last, that would be awesome. I’m so over paying 30 dollars and up for a gel manicure and it chip in five days. It should be on for three weeks lol. My best friend and I swear it’s Florida nail manicurists 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • Abigail Lindsay says:

      Yes absolutely! I totally agree, gel manicures are beautiful at first, but never last as long as they should! I definitely want to include these in my May Favorites and will give you an update then ☺️


  2. itsprettylit says:

    I feel like it’s because when anything in an industry booms, the quality over time becomes worse. Like with chipotle for example! It literally tastes like dog food now lol. So yeah that’s my theory. I used to get them ALL the time and they lasted forever. Even when I get my toes done they chip in two weeks. I once went a year without changing my polish 💀💀 so on that note, I’ll definitely follow up.


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